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Yoga Classes

students in Yoga in Oakleigh - Challenge Fitness Centre

No matter what your age or experience, the Yoga program at Challenge Fitness Centre will give you a sense of peace, beauty and joy that cannot be explained by words. These Yoga classes will improve your health, physical fitness and overall well being while having fun in a safe, energetic environment. We are more than just a fitness class... We are a way of life!


Yoga provides many physical and mental benefits, including improved physical fitness, mental clarity, stress control, and general well-being. Yoga also increases strength by toning muscles. Our Yoga classes can help you to:

  • Build, tone and strengthen your muscles
  • Improve your stamina and flexibility
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Lose weight and feel great
  • Clear you mind
  • Decrease your risk of injury
  • Improve your posture and skeletal alignment

Each class is designed to build the student's strength and flexibility and inspire peace and tranquility. Yoga class is a place and time to concentrate on yourself, to workout, relax, breathe, and feel all sensations in your body and let go of tension.

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Enjoy a fun program that focuses on fitness and relaxation.

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