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  • Seasonal Affective Disorder- What is it and what to do about it

    Seasonal Affective Disorder- What is it and what to do about it

    It’s that time of year again—a time of cool breezes, colored leaves and holiday preparation. Autumn and winter are exciting times… Unless you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
    If you struggle with winter depression, this time of year is not filled with joy and anticipation. Instead, you probably feel like hiding under the covers until spring arrives in several months… What is Seasonal Affective Disorder? Everyone has the blues now and then. But SAD is a depressive state that occurs seasonally, year after year, usually in the fall and winter. If you suffer from SAD, you may feel perfectly normal during the spring and summer months, but starting ....

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  • Minimum Effective Dosage:  Train Smarter Not Harder

    Minimum Effective Dosage: Train Smarter Not Harder

    There are few things as exciting as new boot campers eager to make serious lifestyle changes and make up for lost time in their quest to get fit and healthy. Their motivation and passion are contagious, and watching transformations is one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a trainer. But in their excitement, many boot campers make a common mistake – overtraining. The thinking goes like this: “If 20 push-ups are good, then 30 must be better,” or “If 35 kgs challenges my muscles, then I’ll really get ripped if I do 50!” In other words, more is better and leads to faster results. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case, and ....

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  • New Blog What's Scarier than Ghosts & Goblins? How about Type 2 Diabetes!

    New Blog What's Scarier than Ghosts & Goblins? How about Type 2 Diabetes!

    It's Halloween, and you know what that means: sugar, sugar, sugar! Beginning in spring, stores begin taunting and tantalising us with prominently displayed festive treats conveniently packaged in small, easy to eat servings. By the time the actual day rolls around, we've been wading through "fun sized" candy bars for a while. ....

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  • What Are You Aiming at?

    What Are You Aiming at?

    Zig Ziglar once said, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” And each of us knows from our own experience that he is right. The general flow of human life tends to be toward ease and comfort. One day flows into the next, and many of us never quite get around to turning our good intentions into reality. Those ‘good intentions,’ while no doubt admirable, tend to remain unrealized mainly because they are too vague. Vague ideas are impossible to focus on and aim for; they are moving targets. Do you have moving targets in your life? Perhaps you want to eat a more healthy diet or lose the winter weight that has crept upon you. Maybe you just want to ....

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  • It's Easter!  Back Away Slowly...

    It's Easter! Back Away Slowly...

    The warm breezes of spring mean that Easter is around the corner! After the heavy colours of Christmas and Valentine’s Day, the bright, cheerful colours of spring are a welcome sight. But the cheerful colours are not limited to flowers and eggs. There is no escaping the onslaught of sugar that threatens us at every turn. From jelly beans to chocolate bunnies, empty calories abound. You need a plan. First, the facts I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you really do need to know what you are getting yourself into when you reach for that fluffy, yellow peep. Brace yourself, this is going to hurt… Sugar is really bad for you.
    When you consume Easter candy, ....

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  • Visualisation Leads to Actualisation

    Visualisation Leads to Actualisation

    Visualisation, done right, can be extremely powerful in achieving any goal. As you think about your goals, take into consideration the following… Using your intellectual factor of imagination see yourself already in possession of your goal. Picture yourself with the healthy and fit body you desire, and literally feel what it is like to have it. You cannot achieve anything in your “outer world” until you first see it in your “inner world.” Is Visualisation for Real? In one of the most well known studies on Creative Visualisation in sports, Russian scientists compared four groups of Olympic athletes in terms of their training schedules:

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  • Liver Detoxification 101

    Liver Detoxification 101

    When was the last time you thought about your liver? If you are like most people, this amazing organ does not command much of your attention. But if you are interested in living as healthily as possible, attending to your liver can have big payoffs. Named after the Old English word for “life,”
    the liver is a critically important part of your body. The array of functions it performs is staggering. These include:
    Controlling blood sugar
    Regulating fat storage
    Producing proteins
    Cleansing the blood
    Metabolizing fat
    Producing energy However, if toxins clog and overwhelm the liver, it will cease to perform its functions correctly. If the liver cannot cleanse ....

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  • 10 Ways to Torch 100 Calories FAST

    10 Ways to Torch 100 Calories FAST

    Some days you simply do not have time for your usual workout. Perhaps you are traveling or you have meetings from dawn ‘til dusk. Or maybe something totally unexpected comes up and your workout time disappears. When life steals your exercise time, however, you do not have to forgo your workout. If you have just a few minutes, you can burn off 100 calories, get your heart pumping fast and redeem at least a little of your workout. Here are 10 ways to torch 100 calories Use them on busy days or even to supercharge your normal workout days. Most estimates are for a person weighing approximately 60-70 kilograms. If you weigh more, you can probably shorten the duration, but if ....

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  • Are You Still Planning to Lose Weight & Get in Shape?

    Are You Still Planning to Lose Weight & Get in Shape?

    It’s time to stop planning and start empowering yourself. The time to move is now, and a group personal training is the perfect way to get started. Exercising by yourself can be tough. Nobody knows if you skip, there is no one to push you a little harder, and you don’t have a commitment to anyone else. One day off turns into two, and before you know it, weeks have passed without you even raising a sweat. Getting fit in isolation can be done, but it’s much harder and requires a resolve few of us have. That is perhaps why the popularity of group personal training programs is exploding: people sign up for them because they work.
    Group Personal Training Benefits ....

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  • Is This Energy-Drainer Keeping You Stuck?

    Is This Energy-Drainer Keeping You Stuck?

    It’s all around you, but you probably don’t even notice. It is a stealth energy-drainer, and it may be sabotaging your fitness goals.
    It’s called clutter and each of us has it in our lives. This can be physical clutter or mental clutter. The insidious nature of clutter is this: it establishes itself so gradually and entrenches itself so deeply, that we don’t even consciously know it is there. But it is there, sapping our creativity, our energy, and our productivity,
    and ultimately our health.
    Physical clutter is clutter in your physical environment. This can be in your car, your office, your kitchen, your bathroom, your closet, your garage etc. ....

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