Challenge Fitness Centre Success Stories

Toula Kourkoutzelos Clarinda, Victoria, Challenge Fitness Centre Testimonials

I started my journey of weight loss and getting fit with the Challenge Gym three years ago. The staff are so friendly, caring and motivational. I have lost a total of 22 kgs and am the fittest I have been in almost 20 years. I could not have achieved my goal without my family and my Challenge Gym family - who are welcoming, understand how hard it can be and encourage you to do your best, never give up and to go that step further. I never thought I would be "those" people in the gym when I first started, and now, I dont know where else I would rather be. Thank you so much!

Toula Kourkoutzelos Clarinda, Victoria

Stacey Flogeras Mulgrave, Victoria, Challenge Fitness Centre Testimonials

After having 3 children, I found it hard to get motivated to lose weight until my husband introduced me to the Challenge Centre, it was exactly what I need to get on the road to fitness! Through PT sessions for 8 months I knew I was hooked, now 3 years later and still going strong! It is part of my life for good!

Stacey Flogeras Mulgrave, Victoria

Ben Lane Oakleigh, Victoria, Challenge Fitness Centre Testimonials

Challenge Centre is the one thing always constant for me! Training is always great, makes me feel better and made all the stress, anger and crap from the day to day stuff fade away. I lost 24kg in the period that I started with you. Money can't buy such a great atmosphere and friendly people!

Ben Lane Oakleigh, Victoria

Albert Widjaja, Challenge Fitness Centre Testimonials

"Highly recommended. It's the place to help you to get fit with the right attitude. It's not just a body transformation, it's a shaping of the mind."

Albert Widjaja

Lauren Bulfin, Challenge Fitness Centre Testimonials

"Awesome gym. Friendly, supportive and the group workouts are challenging but really fun!"

Lauren Bulfin

Rebecca Jolley, Challenge Fitness Centre Testimonials

"Outstanding staff, great environment for a first-timer: it wasn't intimidating at all! Highly recommended!"

Rebecca Jolley

Bambi Marr, Challenge Fitness Centre Testimonials

"Really friendly staff, really comfortable place to workout."

Bambi Marr

Carmen Mccarthy, Challenge Fitness Centre Testimonials

"It's friendly and supportive for anyone serious about getting results in their health - body and life."

Carmen Mccarthy

Diana John Oakleigh, Victoria, Challenge Fitness Centre Testimonials

Training at the Challenge gym has changed my whole attitude towards working out. Doing PTs has really helped me train my mind as well as my body and the whole team at Challenge has been extremely supportive and encouraging - I have no doubt I am going to achieve my goals with them!

Diana John Oakleigh, Victoria

Peter Szasz Oakleigh, Victoria, Challenge Fitness Centre Testimonials

Exceptionally friendly, caring, supportive staff and environment! Great place, highly recommend it!

Peter Szasz Oakleigh, Victoria

Esther Krielen Oakleigh, Victoria, Challenge Fitness Centre Testimonials

The team at the Challenge Centre are fantastic! They have all been extremely supportive in helping me achieve my goals. The instructors took the time to get to know me on an individual level and continued to challenge and guide me the fitter and stronger I became. They have challenge and inspired me to believe in myself and that I can achieve what I set my mind to. Their fitness classes, one on one coaching and lean and fit program are so much fun to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Esther Krielen Oakleigh, Victoria

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